Gifts Go Both Ways

When my friend hosted my baby shower I got her a nice bottle of wine and a nice card to thank her for her generosity.

Is it common to get a host gift for a baby shower? I gave my hosts a bottle of wine, cute coffee mug, thank you card, and gift card in a cute tote bag. I did her baby shower 7 years ago and didn’t receive a gift from her. I just gave all my helpers a hand written thank you note when I got to the baby shower.

My best friend was there for me and organized and ‘hosted’ my shower, even thought it happens to be in my apartment building amenities room. I don’t think you need to do something huge, but it’s always nice to gift a little something to say thank you. spa finder gift cards can be used at a variety of salons, spas and gyms Yes, I think its common. I bought her a little photo album that says “Grandma’s Little Brag Book” to fill with pictures once the baby is born.

One for each.

I got an edible arrangement for my shower host. A gift card for all three would be nice.


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