Deciding Whether or Not To Have a Baby Shower

It’s our second child.

I think we might have a little sprinkle – I also graduated with my associates degree and will be getting married at the courthouse in a few months. Do we plan a baby shower? I’m pregnant with child #2. And it sounds more appropriate if we decide to do something.

No parties will be thrown, or were thrown, for me, so maybe my family can suck it up and celebrate this new life I’m bringing into this world.

On one hand, I want to celebrate the baby with other people, on the other I want it to be with people I actually know so it’s more personal.

For me, a shower was going to be a big headache and the baby will outgrow almost everything in a month anyway. Suggest that to your baby shower attendees, and they might get your child more things that your child needs. I think I invited about 12 people and it was about half guys. there’s always going to be baby stuff available from other people, check out Craigslist to save lots of money.

After we have the baby, we are having our friends over to meet her, and then there’s less of a shower expectation, more like just come over, eat some food, have a few drinks and look at what I made loll. I hate the idea of a normal baby shower, so I just did a really low key event where I told everyone to bring their gifts unwrapped , along with suggestions to bring a specific brand/type of diapers in size 1 or 2 and provided all of the food and punch. I’m having my shower today. Showers mean different things for everyone though, so make it your own if you want to have one; I originally didn’t.

You need so much and having a shower covers the majority of it plus giftcards.

I Say Skip the Games

We had a co-ed shower without gift opening and no formal games. I didn’t do games or open gifts at my shower. My SIL is having her baby shower 3 weeks after mine, and she plans on not opening any gifts during the shower.

My guests would have been unhappy if I didn’t open the gifts at the shower. As an alternative to opening gifts in front of everyone, we just took gifts around to everyone and opening their gifts with them. Maybe I’m the only one, but I feel like the point of a shower is to shower the mother and baby with gifts. I HATE baby shower games and they have been banned from all of my showers. I hate games and the idea of opening gifts in front of others makes me cringe. We didn’t open gifts or have any real games. I think it’s weird to not open gifts at the shower. I privately told my relatives why I wouldn’t open gifts in front and they completely understood. I think that ends up being a big part of a baby shower.

I also recently went to a shower where they had a metric shit ton of games and it was obnoxious. I also did not want to promote or celebrate baby consumerism or flaunt any of the gifts we got in public . As much as I hate opening gifts myself, it’s kind of how it’s done. I recently went to a shower where they opened gifts, but it was like.away from the action. I think guests expect to go to a shower to see the gifts being opened. I think it’s incredibly boring and awkward to sit around and open gifts in front of everyone. I think everyone would like it if gifts weren’t open at a shower. Opening gifts makes me uncomfortable because it’s so fucking boring when you’re not the one getting the gifts. I actually find baby gift openings much more fun than bridal showers, but maybe that’s just me. Did this at my own shower 🙂 I also did this and it worked out really well.

I think people just like to see all the cute baby items and share in your excitement. I went home with a huge assortment of baby items decorated by her aunts, uncles and cousins. Have a craft corner where people can decorate a onesie or squares to pit up on baby’s wall I did not open gifts at my shower and it was good. You don’t have to suddenly revert to being seven again 🙂 Some people want those games at their baby shower, but if you don’t, where’s the rule that you have to do that?

I always get mine in the mail the day after the party or I won’t be able to rest! I’ve been to a baby shower like that, it was fun, just food and hanging out.

Unspoken Etiquette

I live in the southern US and every baby shower I’ve attended has included a gift for the hostess. My aunt threw my baby shower and she loves to knit so I gave her a gift certificate to her favorite knitting store.

I’ve actually never heard of giving a gift to the hostess of a shower, only thank you notes, but that sounds really nice! My two dear friends are hosting a baby shower for me in a few weeks. For my shower, I gave a gift certificate for a pedicure and a bottle of wine. My baby shower was thrown by my mother. My friends threw me a baby shower this weekend and I got them all little cosmetic bags and filled them with some bath items and a note that said, “Hope your next shower is as nice as this one!” And I think I’d feel weird accepting a gift from a pregnant woman just because I threw her a party.

You should give to others as good as you got, definitely, no argument there, but a gift directly linked to a shower feels a little odd to me. thank you everyone for your input I went ahead and ordered something special for each of my hostesses! I think it’s pretty common to give the hostess a gift. She did all the work and spent most of the money, but didn’t want to be recognized as the hostess. It would have been weird to gift my friends, who really didn’t gift me. Again, no disrespect to those who gave or received gifts, and I apologize if I’ve caused offense. I bought some inexpensive glasses and wine, and etched some pretty stencils on the glasses with etching cream. I do believe a hostess gift is standard.

I have some items in mind but want to make sure I’m following good etiquette. Is it common to have a thank you gift for the hostess?

Wording Invites

I would not do unwrapped gifts because I think it might actually make some guests uncomfortable.

At the invite shop I worked at, we’d usually write “heavy hors’doerves will be served” in small print at the bottom. My mom is hosting a baby shower for my husband and I, to take place at the beginning of March. Here are the items I’m not sure about: It’s going to be a couples/families shower – does this need to be EXPLICITLY stated, on the invite? I think the mention of men and women does need to be explicit, since most people won’t even really notice how the invite is addressed. I don’t think you need to mention food. We’ll have enough that people could make a late lunch of it, but I don’t want to call it “lunch” necessarily.

For example if you are going to be having a shower for a little girl you can mix it up a bit. Make the text more girly. I mean there are plenty of was you can go about this. But it really is up to you. If you just want to make them pink or blue and use the same wording that is fine as well. But seriously like I said, “variety” isn’t a problem and you can have the enjoyment of finding an invitation for the baby shower that you really want.

I think most people will assume there will be food at the shower and even if they do eat beforehand, they’ll eat again. Or is simply addressing the invitation to “John and Kathy Smith” enough to indicate that he is also invited? If you wish to bring a gift, any and all gifts should arrive just as baby will: naked and unwrapped. I’m helping plan, partially because it’s going to take place at our house, and my mom lives out of town. I am of the thought that gifts should never be mentioned on an invitation because they should never be assumed.

Maybe that in one bottom corner and in the other corner “please leave any gifts unwrapped.” I’ve seen other ladies do it and I love the concept – UNWRAPPED PRESENTS. So many benefits , but how to request it? Because it’s taking place between lunch and dinner, should we call this “heavy appetizers” on the invitation?

Venues Can Be Tricky and Pricey

Finding a reasonably priced place to host a baby shower in any city can be tricky? Here are a few decent places, depends what you consider ‘reasonably priced’ tho. out BREC. I linked the parks that have pavilions to rent, some are indoors and some are open space.

Adults only baby shower, or will other little ones be around? I’m just looking for a place that will provide a private room & tables. A friend had her sons birthday party at the one. Sorry, I was on my phone earlier and didn’t see your entire comment. I see kids having birthday parties there quite frequently. Also maybe check with Healing Place, Bethany, or other churches, they usually have something. They have a community room/event area that you can rent. I don’t know how much they charge. Highland road park has a reception center. Looking for the space, not a catered event. There will be at least 2 other babies.

The Americain is nice /To reserve our banquet room, there is a $50 fee for any event under 50 guests, as well as a $600 food minimum./ I think most of these places require you to buy their food. There is a refundable deposit. It was pretty decent.


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