Home and Away

While our new house would be a great venue for my baby shower, I think having it in our old city makes the most sense. I haven’t been to a lot of baby showers but I think hosting at your own house is totally fine.

Does anyone else feel really weird about having other friends and family throw you a baby shower? It’s a baby shower, not a surprise party, so I think being pretty involved is totally ok. If you’re having doubts about it, what about hosting an event to meet the baby instead of a shower? That way you all can pool resources but on the face of it, you’re not hosting your own shower? I’ve also contemplated not having a shower, but then I’ll have to deal with people asking me why I’m not having one.

However, I think having it at your house is ok and 60 miles is reasonable enough people could come for the day and drive home. I feel like a decent number of friends would want to come and celebrate baby, but having one of them host is totally different. I think I would have a name on the invites as the hostess, so it doesn’t appear that I’m throwing my own party. Throwing a baby shower would have been way too much for me.

A lot of my friends are pregnant or have very young kids, so I worry they wouldn’t make the trip and it would be a sad self-thrown baby shower. Part of me feels really uncomfortable about paying for my own shower, but I feel just as uncomfortable having someone else do it for me. I’m trying to pick a date but October and November are filled with weddings/vacations for people I 100% would want at the shower.

I’m flying back to my hometown for my shower in Sept so an hour drive doesn’t sound so bad to me! I don’t think I can ask her to co-host with my mom and I , but I would definitely agree to it if she offers. We’ll be billing it as a BBQ hang out celebration type thing vs a traditional shower so it feels less weird that we’re hosting for ourselves. I wouldn’t feel super comfortable with anyone else hosting it anyway, but honestly one offer would’ve been nice. If I can get over all of my anxiety about having one, I thinking mid-late September, which will be send of second tri for me. My family lives in another state and none of our local friends/family have mentioned a shower at all. Having said all this my family gas a much less formal approach to hosting compared to some. I think you should definitely take your friend up on the offer of using her house.

Right before I got pregnant, we moved 60 miles away from our previous town for his new job. My friends and family are spread across three states and in the U.S.

People are less likely to travel long distances for baby showers. I’m so glad I’m not the only one planning the shower already! My sister just moved across the country, and my local best friend is going through fertility treatments right now, so it seems cruel and unusual to have her host my baby shower. Being scary-pregnant is definitely my biggest concern, especially if I’m hosting.


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