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I have posted about the cost of daycare here, and I feel like I get quality for a acceptable price… But… Then I see what other countries have. Take Sweden for example. I don’t remember the exact cost of the daycare, we are starting next autumn but it’s pretty similar system with Sweden where guardians income is taken into account. As you have it in Sweden that would be fantastic but I would settle for Canada’s year of maternity leave.

Once we have baby #2 it will cost almost what I make to send them to daycare. I used to live in the Netherlands but wanting kids was one of the reasons we moved to Sweden.

Daycare for my NB LO was quoted at no less then $1,200 a month :/ I’m jealous! I don’t work because daycare costs are so high and we’d get so little back from the government. Right now with two in full time daycare it cost about $2000 a month. However, the cost of this is that there are so few good spots I have given up completely. I’m in Alberta, Canada and after my 50 weeks of paid leave to put my 1 year old in daycare would cost at least $800/month. So while this system is a vast improvement over the US, it is not as nice as in Sweden! Daycare/preschool cost in Sweden: 3% of the guardian’s income but no more than $190. 50USD per month for ages 1-2 years old, that drops to 2% for the second kid and 1% for the third. Thirty years ago my parents had the choice of moving to the US or to Sweden, and now I am seriously questioning that choice! The breakdown is $23/day, so it’ll cost us $69/week in the summer and $115/week come mid-August. Sweden does not necessarily fit the definition of “socialism” but I’m pretty certain that this early childcare system here would be considered socialist by American standards.

I work 0. 6FTE and still bring home about $1000/mo after daycare for 2 children 4 part days a week. As an ex-pat American living in Sweden, I cannot understand why American culture, which is supposedly so bent on “family values” doesn’t have a system like this. Like Sweden will give you IVF treatment, but you have to be on a waiting list. But yeah, otherwise it’s pretty great 🙂 This is why I love living in Sweden! NB here, child care for my 5 month old would cost about a third of my income and I make well over minimum wage and work 45 hours per week. I’m curious how Sweden pays for these awesome benefits for families. My kids keep getting sick at daycare too and then have to stay home for 24 hrs after they are better. I didn’t get full term Mat leave for some reason so I get to go back early. Our rent is $810 and our daycare would cost $900 for three days. The not getting a spot issue can happen in Sweden as well.

That’s all I could ask for and I lose 25% of my pay to taxes in the US Free huh? I cried on the inside after I realized that I pay your monthly fee for just two days of care per week. I think I want to move to Sweden now. Our base rent is $595 month ) Daycare is, at its cheapest, $700/mo. Discussion: If you live in a different country , what is the daycare/preschool/early child care set-up like where you live? Yay 😒 When she gets here we will be paying her minimum wage and it will cost us about the same amount monthly and she will help with the cooking and cleaning. The part I like best though is that centre daycare workers are qualified early childhood education teachers who make a decent wage. At least we got free IVF. I’m the dad and I’m going to be staying home too once her Mat leave is over. I think a lot has to do with how populated and diverse the US is compared to smaller EU countries. When my baby is a year old I will probably go back to work full time and the cost of his daycare will be at least half my salary. Crazy expensive over here in BC as well – my husband and I are just making ends meet on his salary. Both parents need to work now a days to keep up with bills and whatnot but childcare is about my monthly wage. This is because every family gets 460 days of paid parental leave that they can share between the parents.

There are almost no daycare possiblities for children under 10 months old and putting a baby in daycare is virtually unheard of. The kids are outside everyday no matter the weather, usually off in one of the nearby forests.

There is very little amount of spots for kids under 1y, I think minimum age is 9 month but not sure. There is also the option of home based carers that can also take the over 3 year subsidy as well. The government has in place a federally funded paid parental leave scheme which is 16 weeks of the minimum wage. We’re in BC as well, but we’re NOT in Vancouver so that may be why ours is expensive, but affordable.

We want to put our 1 year old in daycare but not kidding every single daycare around is full. I don’t see the point in working if it’s just going to cover day care. If my hubs can find work, he would most definitely make double my salary but he doesn’t want to work for anyone. All this for FUCKING FREE. I never understood how the US could be so far behind a family free environment. The daycare teachers have a bachelors degree in early childhood education, which is highly unusual in Germany as they mostly get an apprentinceship. I am incredibly fortunate that we have a daycare where both kids are happy and it is affordable. I have had 2 job offers I could not accept because it wouldn’t meet my income requirements.

Usually people put their kids in daycare at the age of 1-2 but it’s not uncommon to be full 3 years. After reading all the other posts, even from other EU countries, I realized what a spoiled brat I am!!! There’s also the option to take up to 12 months off work which can be shared by parents.

I was always a bit appalled that childcare in the US is often seen as akin to unskilled manual labour for women. I don’t make tons, but I make enough to justify it.

My best friend who still lives there had a child 3 months ago and she is already back at work. Childcare varies in cost from around $80 – $200 dollars a day.

We do have to pay cpp, EI and WSIB so it really evens out in the end. But 3 mornings a week he is at preschool with his daughter because he’s on parental leave. It’s a great way to get to know the other little kids and parents in the area. So, while a whole year of parental leave would be AMAZING, I’m a lot calmer about next week than I thought I would be. There is some food available to buy cheaply in the lunch room, but most people bring their own. I have a marketable skill from my hobby and can sell finished goods when I want. I live in an area where a lot of people work after Elternzeit or even earlier and it’s hard to find daycare places. €1500 a month, and my husband still has both kids one weekday each week, and his mother has my 3-year-old for 2 days each week.

I just wish the US would do some type of maternity/child care system like so many other countries.

I think it’s a big problem here that daycare often is offered by less than skilled people.

I’d have to make at least $13~14/hr., guaranteed full-time hours, to make getting a job anything other than breaking even.

IMO those are more about socialization than childcare for working parents as you can’t necessarily choose the hours you get to go.

Also if you are lucky you will get 6 weeks of unpaid maternity leave and fathers get no time. There is also 24/7 daycare where those who work in different shifts can bring their kids.

Some of the other school we checked out were preschool programs with a “baby class” that was $111 a week. Children of siblings already at the centre have priority as do children of single parent, low income or disabled families.

Your employer is required to hold your job for you for up to 1 year for a full time employee.

It’s not uncommon for children to attend more than one centre to try and get the full 5 days covered.

Pregnant women pay nothing for dental care or prescriptions throughout the pregnancy and for a year after the child is born. Plus they get Taekwondo lessons, which is pretty awesome 😀 Oh, and they are spanish-bilingual, did I mention? You get that money no matter how much you earn, if you’re jobless or studying like I do.

At the one I go to with my daughter, the gender split of parents is 50/50. Because she is living in our house and eating our food, room and board is deducted. If you don’t want to leave your child at daycare/preschool there are “open preschools. ” All of the schools are publicly funded but some are privately run or have parent coop administrations. My family of 3 lives comfortably on my single PhD student salary my partner’s sporadic artist’s income. That being said, my LO will be 10 weeks old this week and he starts daycare on Monday. Same deal with gun control IMO. Sucks but I can’t see it changing anytime soon unfortunately.

Especially coming from the US.

We get 14 weeks paid leave , though that’s expanding to.

  1. 18? Can I move to Sweden now? I’ve been working from home on a flexible schedule for the last 7 weeks so I only missed 2. 5 weeks of pay. Even at the higher end of income, that would mean daycare eats up 20~25% of a household’s budget. Anyway, of course there are always loopholes in the system or situations that don’t fit the bureaucratic definition.

Well I’m going back to work and daddy will stay at home.

I will say though that between that, living expenses and commuting costs, we are treading water. I got hired at my job when I was 12 weeks pregnant so there was no saved up vacation time to be had. It’s hard to make big sweeping changes like this that would affect the economy and society so much. even if the research supports it. Admittedly nursery fees are a lot, but from age three children start to receive a number of free hours per week. Good on you for setting that aside for taxes, wsib ECT. Covering all you tracks are important! Costs are very high – about 60 to 70 euros a day, but depending on income you can get some money back.

If you are student or without a job or what have you it’s at least 300€ /month. I stay home with the kids, and work from home. 🙂 it makes me sad reading about parents that has to go back to work like 4 weeks after the baby is born. Some people are eligible for an upfront cash payment called the baby bonus, but then are usually excluded from the leave payments.


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