My Babysitter Considerations

You don’t really need to tell them that you don’t intend to keep him there longer than 16 weeks. Also, if Care is requiring a minimum hourly pay, listing your real pay range in your advertisement, as I have sometimes seen, is a good way to screen out time-wasters. Also, just tossing this out there: it is illegal to pay a nanny less than minimum hourly wage.

If what the OP really needs is a temporary nanny , local nanny agencies should also be able to help. To add on to this idea, ask any parents of school aged children if they know any parents who provide in-home day care. Just make sure if you do go with an in-home option that you ask to see clearances and interview providers extensively. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that I/we can only pay $X/hour as listed in the description. If you’re not getting any applicants, you could add that there’s possibility for some night time babysitting in the future. You’ll need to do some research and see if you can get some reviews of the place though. They don’t generally require any time commitment, just a certain amount of notice when you plan to leave. Also look at your employer’s options for flex time , and/or switching to weekdays off to also reduce the childcare costs. So offering night hours in addition isn’t an incentive, but more of a red flag to a potential nanny. Here are some recommendations as well as ideas about child care for a short time frame like that.

Then, when the applicant has submitted an application, replying back with something like, “Thank you for your interest. No one will probably be able to tell you about openings until about a month to 6 weeks in advance. Let me know that you are okay with that and we’ll continue our conversation,” will also make things more efficient for everyone.

There are good ones, but the signal to noise ratio is higher on Sittercity where you have to use your own words. It would be easier if Care. com let you post your own rates, but I understand why they do it that way. That means that your interviews can be more efficient: you will receive fewer polite declines during the interview. Sorry if you are insulted by that as a care provider, but it’s how it really works. Do you have any vacation days you could use to avoid paying daycare for a few of those days? As a parent posting a job you HAVE TO choose a rate matching that or above, which is absurd for weekly care. That same someone would have replied if the pay range had been listed as $5-$5/hour, but the other people would not have. My parents both worked full time while I was in school so I would go to a friend’s house where their mother had an in home day care.


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