Sharing A Nanny

This is an alternative that we have thought about in the past. But are more serious about now. Nannies are great. You get that one-on-one care for your child and it is just, more personal. Essentially 2 families share a nanny but pay less each but the nanny makes more in the end. I’m at my wits-end searching for affordable infant care in the city.

Both my husband and I work full-time but we have had no luck finding a daycare for under $1500 per month. I was a nanny for 2 families and it worked out great for everyone. Family is out-of-town and therefore not an option for us, and it seems like in-house nannies are even more expensive than daycare centers. It is not on your way, but a-karasell on kedzie is a great place and is likely cheaper than 1500 per month. Sliding scale places are probably not an option for us unless they’re willing to take student loan debt into account against our income.

I would rather pay the extra couple dollars an hour to have a nanny with experience. I second the nanny share idea. Can you look into trying to find a nanny share? Might want to try care. com or sittercity to try to find other families looking for nannies in the area and reach out to them. We are actually on the waiting list at CCC – they came highly recommended from one of my coworkers. Couldn’t hurt to ask if they would be willing to take on another child for more money. We pay 700 a month for three days a week, doing the math it looks like it would come under your 1500 threshold for 5 days. Experienced nannies are going to get paid at the very least $15/hr for 2 kids, and a great well-experienced nanny is going to be $18.


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