The Throwing Your Own Taboo

Some people find it offensive because it’s a party literally to shower the new mother with gifts so throwing your own party is asking for gifts. This is my second so I don’t really need too much. but I don’t have anyone who could/would throw me a shower anyway. Life is too short and sweet to not have the experience of a baby shower and I have great memories from the day. Honestly, I really have no one to throw me a shower.

I doubt he’ll come so I feel like it will be weird to have a coed shower he doesn’t attend. If I was closer and if I had a bigger apartment, I wouldn’t have a problem throwing my own either. Since I never had a bridal shower I figured that if it was going to happen I was going to be the one doing it.

Even when the mother isn’t throwing it she’s usually heavily involved in planning and prep. I threw a co-ed beach house baby shower.

The Other Option

I’m not missing it either when I see how much worrying there is about baby showers and how many disappointed expectations! 🙂 My mom & sisters are throwing mine. He hasn’t told any of his friends or family about me being pregnant at all yet and I’m 20 weeks. I live far from home and had some involvement in planning my shower. Hopefully I’m not alone in throwing my own.

I would not recommend throwing your own, it’s pretty risky whether people might be receptive to it or judge you for asking so openly for presents.

Would you be up for a coed shower instead of women only? My mom will be hosting it, but I’ll do most of the work to have it the way I want. I personally loved my party and my friends still talk it about what a fun time it was. What we plan on doing it have a “Meet Warren” BBQ after he is born for friends and family. I do events for a living and have found that about 80% of events follow these parameters.

I didn’t have a shower, and presents came anyway. My sister is throwing mine at my moms house.

My mom is “throwing mine. ” I threw myself a coed BBQ in the park and felt like it was no big deal. I’m not quite sure if I’ll receive many gifts, but I have a registry in place just in case All my friends are really far away and I’m going to do my best to make the date so everyone can go, but they wouldn’t have been able to actually throw the shower. But it’ll be kind of embarrassing if it’s only my mom & sister’s friends & family that show up.

But I have no friends in the position to throw me one. It’s cutting it a little close, but I’m sure it’ll work out.

It Can Be Tacky

Still depending on how it is done, it can be tacky. My soultion was to make it a dinner party.

I personally wouldn’t care if someone hosted their own baby shower I’ll most likely be hosting mine! Plus in the UK and Scotland baby showers aren’t as common so shower things being tacky hasn’t really been established yet I feel.

Throwing yourself a full blown baby shower is usually seen as a tacky gift grab, yes. Asking people to shower you and your baby with gifts goes just a bit too far for me. Could your mom or someone close come into town for the weekend of the shower, and play hostess for a shower at your house? I’m at your baby shower because I love you and want to give you presents! For my first, I had the shower at my house but my SIL hosted and ran everything. I brought up the idea to my SO last night and the first thing he said was that it is tacky. It was nice because the gifts didn’t have to travel far 🙂 Regretfully, I do find it tacky. Maybe you have friends who would do the same if they knew you felt your only option was hosting yourself? I didn’t even consider it, but after googling, I guess some people think it is tacky.

We live states over from both of our families so I can’t see family hosting one unless it was family only since most of our friends live here.

Then I decided if people are going to say it’s tacky then they could’ve offered to host! We have discussed having the shower at our house, but having someone else officially “host” it by sending out the invites and organizing the details. Plus two of my friends have said they can’t wait for my shower, and one friend even offered to bake cupcakes for it. I think my bestie is going to host the actual party , but I’m going to do all the setup and such. Maybe your mom, a longtime friend, or sister could do the official hosting for you? I’m not sure why it’s a big deal – I’ve had a few friends plan and set up their own showers. So, I wouldn’t do it personally — but I have heard of ghost hosting where you plan the event, but someone else sends the invitations and gets the RSVPs.

For a number of reasons, I’ll probably “ghost host” my own shower. I really want something small and intimate with my closest friends and family, so there will probably only be 10-12 guests anyway.


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